Techno Brave Asia Ltd | Connect with the World from Asia | IT design & Development Company


APP Design & Development
iOS & Android

We design and develop a wide range of mobile applications for iOS and Android. We develop either native or web- based applications. Here are some examples of the field we can develop:

• Social Network (SNS)
​• News / Curation
• AR/VR Apps​
• E-Commerce / Catalog
​• Casual games / Social games
​• Education
​• Business / Enterprise
​• Utilities / tools..

​Examples of APP functions which we make : ​
Camera, Login/Registration, Database, Stamps, Map/GPS, Push notification, Sounds, Movies, Social, Messenger,..​​

WEB Design & Programming

Nowadays everyone knows having a website is important for every business. Yes, it is absolutely true, but we strongly believe having a website with great DESIGN is more important as web design makes a significant impact on branding, SEO and success of your business.

​Talk to us! We will listen to you to have a better understanding of your business, your end-users, competitors, and your goals. Then we will propose the best design for your company based on our strong commitment on user interface (UI) and user experience(UX) design.​

​Here are some examples of websites we can help develop: ​

• Corporate website​
• 3D/Interactive sites
• AR & VR
• Promotion sites​
• E-Commerce​
• Web catalog​
• Portal sites ​
• Curatio​n
• SNS/Blogs​
• Mobile websites… 

SI System Integration Service
Enterprise software

By utilizing our strong experience as a system integrator in Japan, we also provide system development services in the area of enterprise software and IT infrastructure such as open system, web-based system development, infrastructure construction and co-operation.

Software Development:

• ERP​
• HR/Workforce Management system  ​
• CRM  ​
• Accounting software ​
• Systems for hospitals  ​
• Rail freight transport...

IT Infrastructure:

We offer design/structural services of the overall infrastructure and server networks. ​

• Infrastructure planning & designing ​
• Migration ​
• Maintenance​
• End-User Support

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